Naples, Italy

Pompeii Old and New.jpg

Mitoraj in Pompeii – on view until January 2017. by Mr JT

Naples is a city rich in it’s history and culture. It is the home of Mt Vesuvius, Pompeii, Herculaneum and pizza. This city is truly fascinating, and one you may wish to re-visit as there is so much to see and do. As rough as it’s reputation is, the allure of Naples will leave you wanting to see all of the city’s diverse offerings.


Pompeii – here lies one of the most famous archeological sites in the world. The ruins of Pompeii stretching over 66 hectares  –  stand today to remind you of the force of Mt Vesuvius. This site offers you the rare experience to stroll the streets, and envisage how those who walked this earth over  2000 years ago lived. It really is a snapshot of an ancient time.

gor Mitoraj’s sculpture in Pompeii 7.jpg

Igor Mitoraj’s sculptures in Pompeii with the ever present Mt Vesuvius. by Mr JT

gor Mitoraj’s sculpture in Pompeii 8

Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture (1 of 30) in Pompeii. by Mr JT

gor Mitoraj’s sculptures in Pompeii 2

Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture in Pompeii. by Mr JT

Herculaneum – this archeological site is remarkably wonderfully preserved. Smaller than Pompeii –  you will see less tourists here, and find it is much easier to cover the ancient site. The extent of what you can see here is so unique. This is attributed to how the city was encased in volcanic material, preserving many of the organic features.

Herculaneum Town.jpg

Ruins of Herculaneum. by Mr JT

Herculaneum 2.jpg

The unique features within the ruins of Herculaneum. by Mr JT

Mosaic floor Herculaneum.jpg

Mosaic floor in Herculaneum. by Mr JT

Mt Vesuvius – considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes, as it has an active core, it is impressive. The panoramic view from the walk up to the crater is spectacular.

Mt Vesuvius.jpg

Looking down into Mt Vesuvius. by Mr JT


Pizza – Naples is the birthplace of pizza. For the best, we suggest Da Michele and Mattozzi. You will be thinking about the pizza long after you have left Naples.

Aperitif, Prosciutto or Mozzarella Bar – explore the streets of Via Bisignano, Via Cavallerizza a Chiaia and Piazza Giulio Rodino. These streets are lined with people spilling out of the many popular venues. Take your pick or explore them all.


The waterfront Chiaia district is where you will want to be for the night-life, and by day it’s a short stroll to the boutiques and art galleries. We loved this district.