Dunedin, New Zealand

First Church of Otago.jpg

First Church of Otago in the heart of Dunedin. by Mr JT

Dunedin is referred to as the Edinburgh of New Zealand, a city very proud of it’s Scottish heritage. The city boasts abundant wildlife and some impressive heritage buildings. Dunedin’s coastline is simply stunning and it’s an easy drive from the city to all the surrounding beaches.

Tunnel Beach Dunedin 3.jpg

The coastal scenery from Dunedin. by Mr JT


Dunedin Railway Station – opened in 1906 this railway station still features it’s beautiful stained glass windows and a mosaic floor of almost 750,000 tiles of Royal Doulton porcelain.

Dunedin Railway Station stained glass window.jpg

Stained glass window of a locomotive steam. by Mr JT

St Clair Beach & Hot Salt Water Pool – breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean, either go for a dip or walk up to Second Beach. St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool, can be found at the southern end.

St Clair Beach Dunedin.jpg

St Clair beach. by Mr JT

St Clair Dunedin coastal.jpg

Phlegm’s artwork at Second Beach, St Clair. by Mr JT

Baldwin St – in the Guinness Book of Records as the steepest residential street in the world.

Tunnel Beach – the story of John Cargill in the 1870s excavating a tunnel down to a secluded beach so that his family could bathe in privacy is fascinating. The coastal view from here is stunning.


Tunnel Beach. by Mr JT


Tunnel Beach. by Mr JT


Tunnel Beach. by Mr JT


Tunnel Beach. by Mr JT

Cadbury World – you can book a tour which will be reminiscent of a scene out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If you miss out, head to the cafe and order a hot chocolate in the same flavour as your favourite cadbury block.


Try and secure a room along St Clair Beach, or scan availabilities on Airbnb.

Remains of an old breakwater at St Clair Beach.jpg

Remains of on old breakwater at St Clair Beach. by Mr JT